Thursday, July 26, 2018

Big Dreams, Small Budget

You have to spend money to make money ... or do you?

Let me make this clear: writing a novel is not a shortcut to fame and fortune. Many novelists never make any money. Other novelists make a little money, but not nearly enough to support themselves, much less a family. Some novelists make good careers out of their writing, and a few even manage to make millions. For those who find financial success in writing books, it usually takes years and years of hard work to succeed.

Do not get into writing if your goal is lots of money. Get into writing because you love writing. Be prepared to work hard and to face years of rejection. Unless you have someone to support you financially, expect to get a day job and spend your free time writing. If this is not something you can handle, look into other career options. Might I suggest insurance?

If this is something you're interested in, you'll find some helpful tips and resources on this site. The pages have some basic information about things like getting agents and avoiding scams. The blog below has writing tips to help you improve your craft.

I created this site to help writers break into the publishing without going broke.

Many aspiring authors get discouraged by rejection. This often leaves them vulnerable to scam artists and other dishonest types who promise fame and fortune but deliver nothing. Other times, aspiring authors spend money because they don't know how else to proceed. 

Not everything that costs money is a scam. Writers who decide to self-publish will likely need to spend some money on things like cover design and editing. Even in traditional publishing, while it's not absolutely necessary, there is value in getting professional critiques, paying for workshops and attending conferences. But you don't need to spend thousands of dollars to find success in publishing.

It is absolutely possible to land a book deal without spending tons of money. Some people manage it without spending any money at all. This site will show you how. 

The toolbar on the right will take you to different pages that tackle big issues, like avoiding scams and finding agents. This blog will focus on more specific writing tips, like making characters likable and creating strong opening pages. 

I hope you find this site helpful. Look around and consider leaving a comment!

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