Resources for Authors

Here's a list of resources for writers at every stage:
  • The forum at Absolute Write is huge and full of great resources, including sections where you can ask questions, research agents and publishers, share your work, find beta readers, and more.
  • is great if you need motivation to sit down and write every day.
  • Literary Rambles has great information on agents who represent children's books.
  • Agents and publishers use #MSWL to post what they're looking for. When picking a new project, it can be helpful to know what's popular. 
  • Publishers Weekly offers some free newsletters. I especially like looking at the deal reports to see what's selling and who's selling it. 
  • Writer Beware has information on scams, as well as agents and publishers they say to avoid.
  • If you want to find writing groups in your area, check Meetup.
  • WriteOnCon is an inexpensive online writing conference with a focus on children's literature. 
  • is picture book author Tara Lazar's site. She runs Storystorm, a free event for picture book writers, each year.
Do you know of other great resources? Let me know in the comments!

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