Self-publishing is not a shortcut to success.

There are good reasons to self-publish:

  • You wrote a book and want to share it but aren't necessarily determined to make a career out of it.
  • In addition to being a great writer, you're a great marketer, and you think you have the advertising skills to be successful on your own.
  • You have a very niche book, and the market is too narrow to attract a big publisher, but you know how to reach readers.
  • You know the genre well, you know it does well in self-publishing, and you're ready to work hard. 

There are also bad reasons to self-publish.
  • Don't self-publish because you're impatient. Developing a writing career takes time. Putting out a book before it's ready can hurt you in the long run. You might even be embarrassed in the future.
  • Don't self-publish to attract an agent or publisher. This only works if you manage to sell tens of thousands of copies on your own first. 
Before self-publishing, develop your writing skills and get feedback from other writers. You need to produce a quality product.

Be ready to invest in formatting, cover design, and editing, but don't fall for scams. Read Avoiding Publishing Scams to learn more. 

Self-publishing is not a shortcut to success. If anything, self-published authors need to work even harder to be successful. 

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